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Wedding Photography In Teaneck, New Jersey

Wedding Photographer Teaneck, New Jersey

If you desire the most effective wedding celebration professional photographer serving the Teaneck area, Lee Smathers Digital photography comes very recommended!

Lee Smathers isn’t simply any kind of other professional photographer. Lee boasts of 20 years of experience in the sector. His Master’s in Digital photography, 20+ years showing digital photography, and unrivaled interest for visual creativity and official digital photography make Lee the most effective professional photographer for the job!

Wedding digital photography is an unique affair that leaves no chances for experimentation. You have to be sure about the wedding celebration professional photographer you hire. Ability and experience aside, they need to be very evaluated and passionate. Lee Smathers Digital photography supplies simply that!

We comprehend the originality and severity of wedding celebration digital photography! Catching all member of the family at one location on one of the most crucial day of your life is an advantage we take very seriously. Lee is an enthusiastic and very proficient wedding celebration professional photographer in Teaneck, New Jersey, and a 2-hour driving distance around with unrivaled focus to information.

Get every minute recorded specifically how you desire. Lee can do it all however locates one of the most enjoyment in capturing the groom and bride’s very first appearance, speeches, dancings with moms and dads, and enjoyable pictures.

Lee proudly serves the NYC metropolitan area including these cities: Hackensack, Garfield, Yonkers, Lincoln, Fair Lawn, Manhattan, Belleville, Mount Pleasant, Bloomfield, Montclair

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Expert Teaneck Wedding Photographer Services

Wedding Couple Shots

Couple photos or groom and bride wedding celebration photos are among one of the most crucial (if not one of the most crucial) wedding celebration photos. At Lee Smather Digital photography, we comprehend this all too well, which is why we deal with couples beforehand to comprehend what they desire or expect and offer expert and enjoyable pointers.

Whether you love enchanting wedding celebration digital photography, vibrant wedding celebration digital photography, classic wedding celebration digital photography, or other kinds of wedding celebration couple photos, we can make it take place. Lee can pull off the ideal handhold wedding celebration photos, walk wedding celebration couple photos, ring shot wedding celebration photos, classic kiss wedding celebration couple photos, and much more. We can take the lift, dip, piggyback, and jump wedding celebration photos, along with unique requests to make the experience exceedingly one-of-a-kind..

We ensure couple wedding celebration photos in Teaneck, New Jersey that capture the classic, actual and unforgettable moments that you will prize permanently. Allow’s record your couple’s story in a manner that illustrates your love, charm, and joy.

Most Trusted Wedding Photographers In Teaneck, New Jersey

Teaneck New Jersey does not have a scarcity of wedding celebration photographers. Nevertheless, don’t choose anything however the most effective wedding celebration professional photographer in Teaneck for obvious reasons..

You can’t repeat a wedding event to capture moments you missed out on. You require a professional photographer who recognizes this to the core and does the job completely on your wedding day!.

Check our wedding celebration digital photography assesses below to see what our past customers think about us!

Engagement Photographers Teaneck, New Jersey

You shouldn’t await your wedding celebration to hire us. We do engagement photoshoots in Teaneck New Jersey and past. Allow’s capture your union from the beginning! We can assist grooms-to-be strategy involvements and capture the moments completely. If you require suggestions on location, clothing, motifs, ideal propositions, props, and much more, we can aid..

If you simply obtained involved however didn’t capture the moments completely, we can do a photoshoot to regain every little thing as you desire. Whether you desire an enchanting sunset engagement photoshoot or a summer photoshoot defined by quality, heat, and illumination, we can make anything take place

Outdoor Engagement Photos

Teaneck New Jersey and the city supplies plenty of ideal places for an outdoor engagement photoshoot. We have lots of outside engagement picture suggestions to share. We can additionally make your dream outside Teaneck interaction photos revive..

Our primary wedding celebration digital photography solutions consist of however aren’t limited to, wedding celebration couple photos, wedding photoshoots, and engagement fires. Inform us what you desire. CONTACT US! CALL 201-565-5510.


Capture Your Love Story

Bridal Photoshoot Teaneck, New Jersey

Every bride-to-be desire for magnificent wedding photos that will bring back memories and feelings of your special day at a look years after the wedding celebration. Nevertheless, it takes unrivaled skill, meticulous prep work, and the ideal lighting to have ideal wedding photos..

Our best objective is getting you (the bride-to-be) to feel one of the most lovely you have actually ever felt before the cam begins rolling. To do this, we deal with new brides to ensure every little thing is ideal for the shoot. We take time to comprehend your choices, individuality, and partnership.

We additionally pick places and time with each other and assist you on every little thing, consisting of presenting. You’ll have adequate time to kick back, get your hair and makeup done, posture, change places, take a few impromptu enjoyable photos, and a lot more!


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Behind The Lens

Meet Lee

The Sustainable Choice. Renewable energy, financial freedom, the environment, and plant-based alternatives are all things that I stand for. I’m a millennial trapped in a Gen X’s body!

Aside from pulling up to your wedding in a fully electric vehicle, alternatively accepting digital currencies for payment, and politely passing on the steak; I’m a pretty darn good photographer!

I’ve been a visual artist since I can remember. In my youth, I illustrated comic books and drew my own baseball cards. However, in college, I put down the pen and pencil in favor of the camera as my tool to create. After receiving my Master’s in Photography, I taught photography in South Korea for two decades.

Since 2019, Lee Smathers Photography LLC has grown and evolved into a wedding and portrait photography business serving Teaneck, New Jersey and the greater NYC tristate area. I consider my photography style to be timeless and classic.

Because formal pictures with my father at my wedding are some of the last great pictures I have of him, I place very high importance on formal pictures. Wedding events might be the only time both your families are all together in one location. I can’t tell you how hard it is to get my brother, sister, mom, and me into the same photo today.

As an artist, I am always trying to look around for new creative ways to tell the wedding story. My particular favorite parts of the wedding day are the First Look, Dances with Parents, the Speeches, and fun pictures with the Bridal Party. You can bet I’m going to spend a lot of special attention on all of these moments at your ceremony!

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

If you wish for excellent wedding photography, you must play your role as the bride and groom. Here are some crucial wedding photography tips to consider;

Have Your Ideas

It helps to have ideas of what perfect wedding photography looks to you beforehand. You can go on Pinterest to get inspiration and share such ideas with your photographer. This tip reveals your personality and preferences, increasing your chances of getting the exact kind of wedding photos you want.
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Posing & Props Matter

To have great wedding photos, you must purposefully pose. You also need to utilize the available props. Props can be anything from flowers to paper planes and placards. Purpose to use them to add some genuine fun to the experience.
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Plan for Hair & Makeup

You'll probably need to be "touched up" before your wedding photo session. To avoid mistakes like bad make-up or other styling mishaps, spare time for styling to avoid rushing the process and compromising the outcome.
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Hire a Great Photographer

This is undoubtedly the most important tip to consider. If you hire the best NYC wedding photographer you can find, you don’t have to worry about anything. Great wedding photographers have the ideas, props, and plans to make everything work perfectly. 
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Teaneck, New Jersey First Class Wedding Photography

After your special day, all you are left with are memories. A wonderful wedding celebration professional photographer has the capacity to capture your wedding day in such a way that you experience the day whenever you see your wedding celebration photos. Do not bet with wedding celebration digital photography. Get a professional Teaneck, New Jersey [area] wedding celebration professional photographer capable of recording the spectacular experiences of your wedding day permanently.

Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

There’s more to Teaneck & The Metropolitan Area wedding photography than what is covered above. Here are some wedding photography FAQs you should consider as you decide to seek Teaneck wedding photography services.

Different wedding photographers in Teaneck & the metropolitan area charge different prices. You can expect photography costs ranging from $1,500 to over $6,000 depending on many factors, the most notable being expertise. 

Novice wedding photographers charge the least for obvious reasons. You should expect exactly what you pay for. Pro NYC wedding photographers are the most expensive. However, you are bound to get value for money. 

Your wedding photographer will charge you for his equipment (cameras, lights, lenses, props, and other accessories or items used for your photoshoot). Pro photographers have the latest and most expensive equipment, which is reflected in the quote. 

The pricing also includes transport expenses, the photographer’s hourly rate, and considerations like experience. He/she may also charge depending on customer preferences i.e., the number of photos you want, frames, special requests, etc.

It depends! Your wedding budget should guide you. However, expect to spend more on professional wedding photographers for reasons discussed above. Typical wedding photography budgets in the NY, NJ, and CT area start from $1,500.

You can find all kinds of photographers online via a simple Google search. However, to find the best, you must dig deeper. Experience is a critical factor to consider, with the best wedding photographers having decades of photography experience. 

Referrals or wedding customer reviews can also guide you on what it’s like to work with specific photographers. Most importantly, look at their work. Do you like their wedding photography portfolio? Can they provide some of their best work?

It depends! Wedding photography contracts vary depending on various factors. In most cases, couples negotiate for specific items in a wedding photography package. However, a typical wedding photography package should include photography for the entire day, a wedding album, a select number of prints and digital photography, and an online gallery. Popular additions include additional photographers, engagement photography, pre-wedding photoshoot, and wedding videography.

It depends. A wedding photographer can take thousands of wedding photographs during one wedding. There are many photos that are discarded for reasons such as bad lighting. Photographers won’t charge for such photos. 

You should focus on the wedding photos you choose as those are the ones you will pay for in many cases. However, some wedding packages have specifics on the number of photos and cost implications.

The best/most memorable wedding photos are taken when the bride, groom, and their guests are in their most relaxed state, enjoying the moments. You shouldn’t, therefore, worry too much about posing and just be relaxed. If you have a great wedding photographer like Lee, he will guide you through every step. 

To save time, you can learn some important dos and don’ts of wedding photo poses. It’s worth noting that some postures make someone appear tense when they aren’t. For instance, your shoulders shouldn’t be rigid. Lengthening your torso (from your head) also helps to straighten your posture giving you a thinner appearance. Your arms should also be free as opposed to being pressed against your body.

It depends. Tipping is a practice meant to appreciate extraordinary service. If your photographer delivers above your expectations, you should consider tipping them. However, if you have a solid wedding photography package and you feel the photographer delivered satisfactory services, tipping isn’t necessary.

While you are free to tip any amount you wish, 10% is a common figure. If the photographer is working with other personnel i.e., a photography assistant, you can tip them based on their performance. A $50 to $100 tip is appropriate for a wedding photography assistant.

Ideally, engagement and wedding photography should be handled by the same person. In fact, many couples use engagement shoots to pick wedding photographers. However, they can be different if you don’t like your engagement photos or don’t wish to work with a photographer again for whatever reason.

If you hire Lee Smathers Photography, you don’t need to worry about anything, including wedding photo locations. We can plan for photoshoots in key NYC locations like Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, Botanical Garden, Graffiti Walls, Brownstone Stoops, Dumbo, and more. Just let us know if you have wedding photography location preferences in NY, NJ, or CT. 

Service Area:

Lee Smathers Photography serves Teaneck, New Jersey and the Greater NYC Tri-State area. We offer wedding photographer services in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut and cover most top photography locations in these areas.

Have memorable pictures taken in New York City locations mentioned above or New Jersey locations like The Red Mill, Pier Village, Historic Batsto Village, Art Factory Studios, and more. Get wedding photos taken from Valley Falls Park, Waveny Park, Kent Falls State, and more in Connecticut.

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