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Photography Styles For Weddings


What kind of wedding photography style is best for you?

So you’ve begun your search for a wedding photographer because you require the best photography styles for weddings. As a couple, you want to consider which wedding photography styles are most appealing before narrowing down your search to one finalist. Styles, rather than a single one, is the better word here because most wedding photographers employ a variety of approaches all day long.

While some wedding photography styles are similar, others are completely different. Make sure you’re aware of the various photographic styles that are available before you hire a wedding photographer! Performing this due diligence will ensure that there are no surprises on your wedding day or when it comes time to receive your wedding photos.

Film vs digital wedding photography

When it comes to photographing a wedding, the choice between film and digital can be a difficult one. This industry has been turned upside down by digital photography’s entry into the market. The majority of wedding photographers have used digital cameras for the past decade. Film photography has been making a comeback in recent years.

This is due to the fact that it is now viewed as more artistic and hands-on than digital photography styles for weddings. While most photographers prefer to shoot on one or the other, there are a few out there who may be able to combine the two.

  • It’s all about the digital wedding photos

In digital photography, the medium is simply digital. Electrifying your wedding photos is a part of this process. Photographers don’t have to worry about running out of the film because of the higher resolution of digital cameras. Your photographer will be able to capture more images and won’t have to worry about missing any important moments.

On the other hand, film is considered to be far riskier than digital photography. For this reason, photographers are able to preview their photos instantly when using their cameras. With digital, you can usually expect a faster turnaround time for receiving your images after they’ve been captured.

  • The art of wedding photography on camera

When it comes to image quality, both film and digital cameras will produce nearly identical outcomes. Because of this, film is considered more artistic and hands-on than other methods of photography. Because of this, your wedding photographer will have to take a lot longer to capture the perfect shot. Due to the fact that each image requires a great deal of attention to lighting and composition.

Lighting Styles

Choosing the right lighting for your wedding photos is an important consideration for any professional photographer. The vast majority of wedding photographers will make use of a combination of the two methods of photography. Photography with available light in the daytime and artificial light at night is known as “night photography.”

There are still some wedding photographers who prefer to use flash even when there is adequate ambient light available for their work (sunlight). Then, they’d be able to take pictures with their camera’s flash. Some natural light wedding photographers, on the other hand, do not use flash at all, even in the dark, to capture images.

  • Photography with a flash 

Using a flash to block out the sun or other sources of ambient light, this technique is known as flash photography. This technique can be used by a photographer to have complete control over the lighting in any given situation. Allows photographers to adjust ambient light without overexposure of their images’ backgrounds.

Flash photography during the day tends to make wedding photographs appear more staged. In order to determine if a photographer utilizes flash or shoots in natural light, it’s best to speak with the individual in question directly.

  • Natural light photography

Positivity and negativity can both be associated with a photographer who only uses natural light when shooting. During the day, a natural light photographer’s images look more natural than those taken by a photographer who uses flash for perfect photography styles for weddings.

Even though a natural light photographer’s images may look just as good in the daytime, there will be a lot more grain in the final product at night. The images may also be less sharp than those taken by a nighttime photographer who uses flash.

Shooting Styles for Wedding Photography

Photography styles for weddings should be done in a manner that reflects your photographer’s personal style, which is just as critical. When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, most couples will have a general idea of what they want. That’s good news. In case you’re still unsure, we’ve broken down the most common wedding photography styles below for you.

  • Traditional wedding photography

Traditional and classic wedding photography is more formal than informal. When shooting in this manner, a photographer is more in command and leaves nothing to chance. So that everyone in the bridal party looks their best and cleanest, the photographer will set up the bridal party and take photos of them. Photographers often use this style to capture the more traditional parts of a wedding day. Photographs taken during the portrait session and the cake cutting are examples of formal photographs that may be included in this category

  • The art of illustrative wedding pictures

During a portrait or location shot, illustrative photography is common. Equal importance is given to both your subjects and the landscape/setting in your photographs. The idea is to use the landscape as a backdrop to help tell the story of a wedding day through photography. When working with a couple, a photographer will often give suggestions while still pursuing a candid approach. The use of natural lighting and composition is a plus for a wedding photographer who has previously worked in the landscape genre.

  • Editorial Wedding Photography

If you’ve already perused bridal magazines in your search for wedding inspiration, you may have already seen this style of wedding photography in action. They will draw inspiration from commercial bridal shoots and bridal magazines when using this style of photography. It’s likely to include shots of the bridal party that are clearly identifiable, beautiful scenery, and fashionable poses.


We hope that you now have a better understanding of the various photography styles for weddings that a photographer can employ. Talk to the photographer you’re interested in if you don’t want to rely on guesswork and want to know exactly what they’re like.

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